My Experience

Since owning my first computer (an Acorn Electron) I have always had a keen interest in computers. I studied Business Information Systems at Liverpool John Moores University but didn’t really start getting into coding properly until I joined a large car manufacturing company on the graduate scheme in 2002 within their financial arm.

Having done some bedroom MySQL / PHP coding, I started working with stored procedures in MS SQL 2000 as part of an OLAP Management Information System. Towards the end of my stint, I began doing some fairly basic Java servlet application development.

It wasn’t until I moved onto a global telecommunications company where I started learning Java in earnest, implementing large scale MVC applications where I learnt about and introduced frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, Struts and Axis. I also started entering the world of software integration where I got to grips with Tibco Business Works implementing a strategy of connecting internal systems with SaaS application such as and Service-Now.

Having moved to a medium sized global consultancy in 2011, I began developing BizTalk applications which is where my current focus and expertise is right now. Starting from mostly nothing I have since implemented interfaces to and from Oracle PeopleSoft, Oracle Financials, Microsoft Dynamics 4, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 plus a host of other custom built systems.

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