Active Service Instance Never Finishing in BizTalk 2010

A colleague of mine was trying to get ordered delivery running on a send port but kept seeing a rogue Active Service Instance that never seemed to finish, almost as if it was hanging or was waiting for something else to happen. The process overall seemed to complete without error and there was only ever one of these service instances no matter how many messages were put through BizTalk. Of course you could manually terminate the instance but we were worried that it might create issues such as support people trying to investigate the issue. The instance itself was blank in that it had no messages, errors or properties other than an instance Id, timestamp and a send port name.

We did lots of investigation including detailed orchestration debugging and traffic monitoring in Wireshark but all seemed normal. It had us stumped for hours.

The answer to the issue is that it isn’t an issue at all and is the way Microsoft has designed a port to work with ordered messaging as described in this article.

Ordered Delivery Send Port instance works as a singleton service. Since start it stays in Running state. It will not recycle if we restart its Host Instance. We could manually terminate it, if we want.

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