About Me

My motivation for setting this blog up is to be able to share my experiences and ideas with others and give something back to the internet after using it so selfishly for so long. Having been in software development for a decade I feel I now have something to offer the world.

I am very much an advocate of Agile software development principles, mainly because it fits in with the way I work. Why spend ages writing a technical specification when the reality is in most cases it won’t work and the spec will change vastly as development progresses? Although I acknowledge it’s disadvantages, not least the encouragement of an JFDI mentality, I think that it’s the best of all current software development paradigms. My recommendation is to almost invent your own methodology by cherry picking the best bits of Agile with the ones that fit in with the way your team wants to work.

I am very keen on the open source principles which has been a constant source of inspiration and help ever since I started out as a developer. In particular I am a fan of Java APIs such as Spring, Hibernate and ZK as well as the Eclipse IDE all of which made my life as a Java developer so much easier. I’ve also used Drupal extensively to host personal websites and of course WordPress in which this site is hosted. Now I’ve moved into the world of Microsoft development, I’m making the most of the many excellent Codeplex projects which provide so much useful material.

In April 2013 I was awarded a promotion at my current employer with a new job title of “Data Architect and Integration Specialist” which gives me a broader role of expertise and responsibility. My first major assignment is to lead the delivery of all integration and data migration for a large scale programme to replace our core line of business custom applications with PeopleSoft Financials and one or two other systems over 4 to 5 years. It is a complicated programme of work that will need to be managed carefully as it’s impact upon the business cannot be overstated.

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