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Hyperion Planning Import Aborts – Required Column ‘Member Name’ not found

I have been involved with writing interfaces into Oracle Hyperion Planning of the past year, although mostly limited to making the data available for our specialist contractors to import into the model. We encountered an error today which had us stumped for hours as there was little or no logging that indicated where the problem was.

We were trying to import a dimension using EPMA which we had done many times before. This time however, the import would “Abort” but with no indication why. This is what the output from the EPMA job  looked like:

2014-01-16 11:57:02,068 INFO Import job has been successfully submitted with jo
b id number "18,441".
2014-01-16 11:57:02,068 INFO JobID 18,441 submitted. To view detailed job infor
mation go to
2014-01-16 11:57:07,115 INFO The import job status is "Aborted".
2014-01-16 11:57:07,115 INFO Import failed.

We searched everywhere and eventually found this output in the file D:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\epmsystem1\diagnostics\logs\epma

[2014-01-16T11:20:00.898+00:00] [EPMADIM] [INTERNAL_ERROR:32] [EPMADIM-1] [EPMADIM.Hyperion.CommonServices.Exceptions.BaseException] [tid: 15] [ecid: disabled,0] SVR_ERR_IMPORT_COLUMN_NOT_FOUND:Required Column 'Member Name' not found at Hyperion.DimensionServer.ImportHierarchyItem.ValidateColumns()
at Hyperion.DimensionServer.ImportEngine.CleanOutBadImportItems(ImportDimension dim)
at Hyperion.DimensionServer.ImportProfile.IterateDimensions(Action`1 action)
at Hyperion.DimensionServer.ImportEngine.ParseAndExecuteImport()
at Hyperion.DimensionServer.ImportEngine.StartImport(Boolean updateFinalJobStatus)

Still didn’t help us much. Eventually a colleague noticed that in the source data table which feeds the hierarchy there was a row which had the Child field set to blank. i.e. ” . This is what was causing the issue. So simple yet so much time to find. Anyway, hope it might help someone else in the same position.